241: Social Trends – Facebook and Instagram in 2020 with Abby Bayatpour

An image of Instagram on a phone and the title of the 241st episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Social Trends.'

Welcome to episode 241 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Alexa interviews Social Media Manager, Abby Bayatpour, about how food bloggers can be promoting their content on Facebook and Instagram this year.

Last week on the podcast, Bjork talked through the ways you can create income without doing more work. To go back and listen to that episode, click here.

Social Trends: Facebook and Instagram in 2020 

Today’s new episode marks the start of a two-part series here on the podcast, and in this series, we’re focusing on social media in 2020 – i.e. what you, as a blogger, should be focusing on when it comes to promoting your content and your brand on social media this year.

We’re going to focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest during this series, and in today’s episode, our incredibly talented Social Media Manager, Abby, will be speaking about Facebook and Instagram trends for food bloggers.

If you’ve ever stared at a social media platform and thought, “What do I post today?”, we think this series will help you form your social strategy for the new year.

A quote from Abby Bayatpour’s appearance on the Food Blogger Pro podcast that says, 'You don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel every time you post to Instagram.'

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What kinds of posts perform best on Facebook
  • How Facebook groups might fit into your social strategy
  • How videos are performing on Facebook in 2020
  • How to build consistent engagement on Instagram
  • How often you should post on Instagram
  • How to streamline your Instagram caption writing
  • What kinds of photos perform best on Instagram

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  1. Thanks, this was a helpful podcast.

    One thing I didn’t hear addressed that I’d be curious to hear about is hashtags on Instagram. In particular, how many recommended these days.

    Also, I’ve seen some people recommend to put the hashtags in the first comment as opposed to the caption. Thoughts on that?

    1. Hey, David! Glad you found this episode helpful. 😊

      We actually have a post all about Instagram hashtags here: https://www.foodbloggerpro.com/blog/instagram-hashtags-for-food-blogs/ You can use up to 30, but we suggest experimenting to see what works best for you. I tend to use a lot (probably in the 20-25 range).

      As for placement, like you mentioned, you can put hashtags in the first comment to keep the caption nice and clean or place them in the caption itself. Again, totally up to you on that. For ease, I keep my comments in the caption – I just separate them a bit like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8t2EDXJEQ5/

      1. OK thanks Alexa! These recommendations seem similar to what I’ve heard generally for best practice. I did hear a couple mentions recently that a lesser number of hashtags for IG was now being recommend (e.g. 5 or so). But nothing the FBP team is aware of that would warrant shifting to less tags?