135: Bjork Gets Interviewed: Making a Living from Blogging from the Dishing with Delishes Podcast

Welcome to episode 135 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! This week, we’re playing an episode from the Dishing with Delishes podcast.

In this episode, Bjork chats with Elaine about starting Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro, building a team, and developing plugins. You will also learn how Lindsay and Bjork met. Spoiler alert: they’re high school sweethearts!

In this episode, Bjork discusses:

  • What he and Lindsay did before food blogging
  • How they met
  • How they decided on the Pinch of Yum name
  • When they decided to hire a team
  • The difference between contracted workers and employees
  • How they launched Food Blogger Pro
  • What’s included in a Food Blogger Pro membership
  • Why they decided to publish their income reports
  • How WP Tasty started

Listen to the Food Blogger Pro Podcast below or check it out on iTunes or Google Play Music:

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