081: The Mistake that Bloggers Make that Hinders Success from Martin Luenendonk

Welcome to episode 81 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! This week, we’re playing an episode from the Cleverism podcast with Martin Luenendonk.

In this episode, Martin goes over the beginning story of Pinch of Yum with Bjork, and then they dive into some quick but targeted questions about what keeps Pinch of Yum running. My personal favorite: Bjork divulges the #1 mistake he sees bloggers make that can hinder their success.

In this episode, Bjork discusses:

  • How Pinch of Yum got started
  • When they realized that it could be a business
  • How they monetized POY in the early days
  • How they monetize POY today
  • Why they chose to create digital products instead of selling physical ones
  • What software and services they use on POY
  • How A/B testing has been valuable for them
  • What mistakes many bloggers make that hinder success
  • What they do to attract traffic from Pinterest

Listen to the Food Blogger Pro Podcast below or check it out on iTunes or Google Play Music:


  • Get the resources and transcript for this episode here: https://www.cleverism.com/cp15-podcast-bjork-ostrom-pinch-of-yum-food-blogging/%3C/li%3E/

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