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by Alexa on Dec 08, 2016 in New Courses

Give me an N! Give me an E! Give me a W!

What does that spell?! New!

Yep, it’s NEW course day, and we’re just a little excited about it over here at FBP HQ (could you tell?).

Today marks the release of our third food video course, but this new course is a little special. You’ve already learned about the equipment the Pinch of Yum team uses for their food videos, and you’ve learned how to fill out a pre-production planning form to use during your final shoot. But are you wondering how to bring those two elements together in order to create a viral food video?

Well friends, here’s your chance.

Learn how to use your pre-production planning by completing an entire video shoot from start to finish!

Our brand new course focuses on bringing together everything you’ve learned about video so far. You’ll follow along as Bjork and Alana set up their equipment, use their pre-production planning form, and shoot each step in their recipe video.

That’s right; you’re getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into an actual Pinch of Yum video shoot! I love being able to see just how they go through each step in order to shoot the entire video. Being able to see the shoot from start to finish made the whole food video-making process seem way more approchable for me.

Learn how to use your pre-production planning by completing an entire video shoot from start to finish!

If you’ve been debating jumping into recipe videos, I highly suggest you watch this course just to see how feasible it really can be.

We’ll have one more video course for you in the coming months, and it’s all about…editing! You’ll learn how to edit your clips together, what programs to use, how to add text to your videos, and how to set your video to music. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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