080: Biz Planning for the Long Haul from Kirsten Oliphant

Welcome to episode 80 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast. This week, Kirsten Oliphant interview Bjork about practicing 1%∞ through the different phases of business.

As many of you may have heard, Bjork and Lindsay recently suffered a loss, which you can read a bit more about on Pinch of Yum here.

While Bjork takes some time off to grieve their loss and to celebrate Afton’s short life, we’re bringing in a couple interviews that Bjork did with other podcasters.

This week’s podcaster is Kirsten Oliphant, author and podcaster at Create If Writing. She interviewed Bjork about a year and a half ago and they talked a lot about what it takes to run a business for the long haul. Bjork chalked a lot of this up to practicing 1%∞, a concept that he put a name to a long time ago and tries to practice every day.

In this episode, Bjork discusses:

  • How 1%infinity came about and what it means
  • What the different “phases” of Pinch of Yum were
  • How he and Lindsay applied 1% infinity to the different phases of Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro
  • Why perfecting small things can hinder progress
  • How to determine which things deserve your 1%
  • Why outsourcing everything isn’t always the best option
  • What the reality is for running a membership site
  • How priorities for business investment change over time

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Get the resources for this podcast at createifwriting.com/061

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