304: FBP Rewind – Making Great Content with Sam Adler

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Welcome to episode 304 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, we’re rewinding back to our episode with Frosting and Fettuccine’s Sam Adler where she talks about creating the very best content for her audience.

Last week on the podcast, Bjork chatted with Kelly Senyei from Just a Taste about trying new things to grow her brand. To go back and listen to that episode, click here.

Making Great Content with Sam Adler

It’s another FBP Rewind episode today, and we’re so excited to revisit our March 2019 interview with Sam Adler from Frosting and Fettuccine today!

This episode is focused around creating amazing content, and that’s something that we, as content creators, should always be in pursuit of. You’ll hear about Sam’s approach to photography and color, her background in cooking, and what it was like to be nominated for (and eventually win!) a Saveur Blog Award.

A quote from Sam Adler’s appearance on the Food Blogger Pro podcast that says, 'I would really think hard about what you love, what inspires you, what's going to make you get up every day and do the same exact thing over and over again and be better at it than you were the day before.'

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About her experience at Le Cordon Bleu
  • How her understanding of colors helps with her food blog
  • How she found her photography style
  • What it was like to win a Saveur Blog Award
  • Why the quality of your content is so important
  • What makes quality content


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For the full transcript, head on over to the show notes for the original episode at foodbloggerpro.com/194.

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