047.5: Food Blogger Pro is Open for Enrollment!

Welcome to episode 47.. and a half of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! In this special bonus edition, Bjork tells the story of why he and Lindsay started Food Blogger Pro, and how it has grown to help thousands of members start and grow their food blogs.

But first…

Food Blogger Pro is Open for Enrollment!

It’s the thing we’ve all been waiting for! We’ve had so many people email us asking when FBP would finally be open for enrollment again. And to our great happiness, the time has come!

We’ll be accepting new members to Food Blogger Pro today, May 24, through Thursday, June 2 at midnight CST.

–> Click here to sign up! <–

We are so excited to be bringing some new members on board. We love, love our Food Blogger Pro family, and we’re so excited to be growing it once again.

Alright, now about that story. If you ever wondered why Bjork and Lindsay started Food Blogger Pro and what that was like for them, then listen in as Bjork takes a trip down memory lane. He also talks about the benefits of being a Food Blogger Pro member, from the video library to the community forum, the access to industry experts to the special deals & discounts. It’s pretty great, if I may so so myself!

Listen to the Food Blogger Pro Podcast below or check it out on iTunes or Google Play Music:

We can’t wait to meet all of our new members! To sign up, go to foodbloggerpro.com/signup

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