New Courses: ActiveCampaign and Designing Your eBook with Pages and InDesign

It’s that time of the month again, friends! But this time…it’s even more special.

And that’s because we published two new courses (🎉) for our Food Blogger Pro members this week, and we know you’re going to love them:

ActiveCampaign Course Update

That’s right! We just published an update of our old ActiveCampaign course. ActiveCampaign is a powerful marketing email service that can help you level-up your email lists, and this course was designed to teach you exactly how to use it.

ActiveCampaign course video thumbnails and names on Food Blogger Pro

This course, made by Barry Moore from, covers the ins and outs of creating automations, tagging your contacts, track website interactions, and more.

ActiveCampaign is actually the email marketing service we use here at Food Blogger Pro, and we hope you love learning more about the ways you can optimize your email lists!

Check out the full updated course here:

Designing Your eBook: Mac Pages and Adobe InDesign

Yep! We added onto our Designing Your eBook course this month to include tutorials for Mac Pages (free, for Apple users) and Adobe InDesign (premium, for Apple or PC users).

We started this course with tutorials for designing an eBook in Canva. Pages is like the 2.0 version of Canva, giving you a bit more functionality to make your eBook, and then InDesign is a 3.0 version if you want a lot of control over the final look and feel of your book!

Designing Your eBook course video thumbnails and names on Food Blogger Pro

Regardless of your vision for your eBook, these three tutorials will show you exactly how to create the eBook you’ve always wanted!

Check out the full course here:

As a reminder, all Food Blogger Pro courses are available to Food Blogger Pro members only.

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