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We’ll keep this page updated with the latest and greatest ways to promote Food Blogger Pro to your audience and receive affiliate income from those referrals, so be sure to bookmark it for whenever you need an affiliate income idea!

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Resources To Promote To Your Audience

Note: Clicking on these resources will take you to ShareASale. You’ll need your affiliate link for each resource you promote in order for us to tie the referral back to you and credit you for the sale! Click here (or on the GIF below) to watch a quick video about how you can get your affiliate link for these resources.

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The Food Blogger Pro Membership

All you need to know about what’s included in a Food Blogger Pro membership! You or your audience can sign up for a membership on this page as well. Included are testimonials, pricing details, and more.

Search for “The Food Blogger Pro Membership” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

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Promote our FREE and premium webinars with industry experts like Lindsay Ostrom, Aleka Shunk, Danielle Liss, and Sam Adler!

Search for “Food Blogger Pro Webinars” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

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Blog Posts from Food Blogger Pro

We’re super excited to announce that all NEW blog posts will now be available as affiliate links! Just click the link below and find any affiliate link with the words “blog post” at the end to share the link!

Filter by Category > Blog Post on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find these links!

The cover of the '18 ways to monetize your food blog' ebook with swedish meatballs on the cover

18 Ways to Monetize Your Food Blog ebook

A free download! In this ebook, you’ll learn about 16 different ways you can monetize a food blog and how to diversify your blogging income.

Search for “18 Ways” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

a bowl of chili and the title of this article, 'Which social media platform should you use to promote your food blog?'

Which Social Media Platform Should You Use to Promote Your Food Blog? ebook

Want to promote your blog on social media but aren’t quite sure where to start? In this free ebook, we talk about the unique ways that the top social media platforms can be used to promote food content.

Search for “Social Media Platform” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

The cover to our Food Blogger Starter Kit ebook with a photo of a girl holding chicken sandwiches

The Food Blogger Starter Kit

You have this amazing idea for a food blog, but you don’t know where to start. Sound familiar? If so, you’re in luck! In this free ebook, we explore how to set up your new blog, what tools you’ll need, photography tips, and more.

Search for “Starter Kit” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast Logo

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast

We interview successful food bloggers and industry experts in an effort to surface strategies that can help you more efficiently grow and monetize your site. You’ll learn about recipe SEO, food photography, plugins, monetization, traffic, and more. New episodes every Tuesday!

Search for “Food Blogger Pro Podcast” on the Get Links page on ShareASale to find this link!

Creative Ways to Promote Food Blogger Pro to Your Audience

✏️ Write a post for your blog about how Food Blogger Pro has helped you _____.

Think about why you came to Food Blogger Pro in the first place. Did you want to learn about photography? Increase your traffic? Go full-time with your blog?

How did Food Blogger Pro help you with that? Real stories like this are incredibly powerful!

Be sure to include screenshots or examples wherever possible –– like Google Analytics/Google Search Console screenshots, screen-grabs from social media, and before and after food photos.

Here’s a great example from Become Betty!

📱 Share how Food Blogger Pro helped you get a “win” on Stories or in a Reel.

Did you watch a course on Food Blogger Pro, implement the advice, and see positive results? Share it!

That’s the kind of stuff that performs really well because it’s a “cause and effect” –– II’m a Food Blogger Pro member, I saw this piece of content, and the advice had this impact on my blog.

🎙 Talk about your top takeaways from this week’s Food Blogger Pro Podcast episode.

We release a new Food Blogger Pro Podcast episode every Tuesday, so there’s always new content for you to promote to your audience!

Try thinking about the actionable advice that you heard in that episode –– why was it so impactful for you? What has it inspired you to do?

FAQs about the Food Blogger Pro Affiliate Program

How can I apply to the Food Blogger Pro affiliate program?

We’d love to have you as an affiliate! You can create an account on ShareASale and apply to our program. We manually approve or deny each application.

How are sales tracked from my site?

Once you are approved for the program, you will receive a unique affiliate ID number. This number will be included in custom links and banners that are provided to you on This ID number allows us to verify that a sale was referred from your site. We maintain a 180-day cookie so you can receive commission on purchases made up to 180 days after the initial referral.

How much can I get paid?

Every time a new member enrolls through your affiliate link, you receive a 20% recurring commission. That means you will get a 20% commission for EVERY month they remain a member. Not only that, but the commission payout is tiered, meaning the payout percentage increases as the number of transactions goes up (see below). That can really add up!Food Blogger Pro affiliate payout chart

When will I get paid for any referrals I make?

We use a third party called ShareASale to handle all of the tracking and payments. ShareASale issues payments on the 20th day of each month when your account balance reaches over $50 or more for the previous months’ transactions. For more information about the terms of payment, please visit the ShareASale help center.

I want to promote a page on Food Blogger Pro, but I don’t see an affiliate link for it…

Great news: you can create your own affiliate links for any public page on our site! Check out this post from the ShareASale team for instructions on how to do that.

I have another question not listed here!

Great! We’re ready to help. 😊 You can click here to review some support articles or email us at [email protected].