I Want to Increase Traffic to My Blog

Advice to others looking for guidance on building traffic, LISTEN to these experts. They speak the truth. I went from 600 views a month to almost 45k views a month. I am now at 36k sessions for the last 30 days which allowed me to apply with Mediavine. I also have over 3.3 million monthly views on Pinterest. I went from making $25 a month to averaging $5 – $7 a DAY.

Rodney, Hot Rod’s Recipes

Follower numbers and analytics are an important way you can measure your blog’s growth. Here are some of our favorite resources that can help you increase your traffic:

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In Food Blogger Pro, a course is a collection of short videos that explains important concepts. Our goal with courses is to present information in simple, bite-sized portions so you can go through at your own pace. The courses we’ve outlined below will teach you our best traffic-growing strategies.

Building Traffic courses

You have the content, but how do you get it in front of your readers? That’s exactly what these courses are aimed at helping you figure out. In this series, we cover SEO, food sharing sites, and other simple traffic tips that can make a big impact.

Social Media courses

Social media is an awesome way to get your content in front of a lot of people, but the traffic-driving strategies are quite different for each social media platform. We have courses on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and social media strategy to help you optimize your time spent on each platform.

Google Analytics course & Google Search Console course

Where is your traffic coming from? How do people find your content? That’s what these two (free!) tools help you figure out (among about a million other things). If you’re a data person, you’ll love learning about sitemaps, inspecting URLs, audience reports, and other KPIs you can find in these tools.

Understanding Recipe Plugins course

Recipes are an important part of any food blog, and while they make your recipes look pretty, they also format your content so that search engines can understand it. You’ll learn about what recipe plugins are, how recipe SEO works, how to find the best plugin, and how to test your blog’s structured data.

SEO Bootcamp

This course is a replay of our SEO Bootcamp event, which featured Casey Markee, our SEO Expert, and Raquel Smith, a FBP team member. You’ll learn about user intent, SEO myths, recipe SEO, and more.

Pinterest Traffic Bootcamp

Pinterest is typically a huge traffic-driver for food blogs, and in this course, you’ll hear tips from Simple Pin Media’s Kate Ahl as she talks about increasing traffic from Pinterest, managing your Pinterest account, hashtags, and more.

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The Community Forum is the “bread and butter” of Food Blogger Pro, and that’s because it’s where all of our members go to connect, collaborate, and troubleshoot together. Below are some of our favorite threads about blog growth.

New Collaboration Boards on Pinterest – Please Contribute!

The forum is full of conversations like this; a member has a Pinterest board that they opened up to contributors, and they’re looking for people to join! This is just one example, so make sure you search the forum for other threads like this if you’re interested in joining more group boards!

Strategy for Targeting Broad Keywords

How broad should your keywords be? In this thread, our members discuss their strategies for keyword selection.

FoodGawker and other food sharing sites. How often to post?

Do you submit your recipes to food-sharing sites? If so, how often do you do that? Check out this thread for some tips (or join the conversation and share your strategy).

How do you gain backlinks to your site? Do you have a good strategy? Read this thread for some advice from our members.

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Did you know we have a free, public podcast called “The Food Blogger Pro Podcast”? It’s true! You can follow along and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or on your favorite podcasting app. Here are some of our favorite episodes focusing on blog growth.

An image of Lindsay Ostrom and the title of her episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Pinch of Yum’s Instagram Playbook.'

210: Pinch of Yum’s Instagram Playbook with Lindsay Ostrom

Instagram can be a hugely important social media platform for increasing brand awareness and building a loyal audience. In this episode, you’ll learn how Pinch of Yum uses Instagram, how to generate income on Instagram, and why engagement is so important on this social media platform.

An image of Nora Schlesinger and the title of her episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Doing Less to Accomplish More.'

193: Doing Less to Accomplish More with Nora Schlesinger

Is it possible to work less and accomplish more? Nora sure thinks so, and that’s exactly what this podcast episode is all about. You’ll learn how Nora prioritizes her work and works smarter in order to accomplish her blogging goals.

An image of Kate Ahl and the title of her episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'More Clicks, Subscribers, & Sales with Pinterest.'

157: More Clicks, Subscribers, and Sales with Pinterest with Kate Ahl

Pinterest can be a bit of a handful. You need to pin daily and understand your audience, and it can just seem like a lot to manage. In this episode, Kate talks about prioritizing your Pinterest efforts for maximum clicks, subscribers, and sales.