Prep for Your Coaching Call with Bjork!

This checklist will help you prepare for your Coaching Call with Bjork so you can jump right in when you connect!

Join the call using the Zoom link in your invite

Only click on the link at your scheduled time. You’ll have a few minutes to chat with Bjork before jumping into the Coaching Call.

Have your questions (and traffic/follower/monetization numbers, if applicable to your questions) handy

To make sure the conversation is as helpful as possible for you, be sure to have your questions ready and open any screens you wish to share with Bjork. You’re welcome to share your screen on the call if it helps you ask your questions.

Find a quiet room with good lighting

Since we’re recording video with these interviews, sitting with a light source in front of or to the side of you, using a webcam, sitting with a neutral background behind you, and positioning your camera at eye-level will help your video look even better!

Remove any bracelets or watches that make noise when you move your arms

If you have longer hair and are using headphones or AirPods, be sure to secure it back so it doesn’t interfere with the audio.

Close out of all applications and restart your computer

This helps to ensure that all unnecessary applications are closed out of.

Set up a mic if you have one

If you don’t, no worries! Feel free to use AirPods, headphones, or earbuds.

Pause any automatic backups you have, as well as Dropbox synching

This will just help us make sure our Zoom connection is as stable as possible.

Relax and have fun!

We’re so excited to get to chat with you. 😊 Talk soon!

If you have any questions or problems before you join the call, send the team an email at [email protected].