New Course: Social Media Strategy

It’s a beautiful day in the FBP neighborhood, friends!

And that’s because…it’s new course day. 🙂

Today’s new course is an exciting one because it was your most requested course topic: Social Media Strategy!

Social media can be tough. It sometimes seems like you have to be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter all the time, every day.

But a little strategy goes a long way. This course is structured to teach you how to create a sustainable social media strategy that keeps your content visible to your followers.

Abby, our fabulous Social Media Manager, created this course, and she walks you through:

  • The tools you can use for managing your social media platforms
  • How to create a social style guide
  • How to develop a content strategy
  • How to thrive on each social media channel
  • And so much more!

You’re going to love streamlining your social media efforts with this course. Enjoy!

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