New Course: Social Media Analytics

Ain’t no party like a new course party, ’cause a new course party don’t stop!

Happy New Course Day, my friends. And what a wonderful New Course Day it is.

And that’s because we have a new social media course for you today, and we’re so excited for you to check it out. Introducing our Social Media Analytics course, hot off the presses.

A screenshot of the Social Media Analytics course lessons on Food Blogger Pro

If you share blog content on social media, you’ll know that there are a lot of metrics to keep track of. Impressions, click throughs, engagements, closeups, repins, saves…it’s enough to make most people’s heads spin.

That’s why our amazing Social Media Manager, Abby, created our new Social Media Analytics course. She’s showing you the ins and outs of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram analytics, as well as sharing an ✨ exclusive ✨ Social Media Metrics Tracker spreadsheet for you to download and use!

A screenshot of Facebook analytics for the Social Media Analytics course on Food Blogger Pro

It’s a fantastic course that will help you understand your social analytics and use them to plan content in the future.

Check out the full course here:

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