New Course: Hotjar

“How do I get more traffic and increase the income from my blog?”

That’s the most common question we get from people that are wanting to start or grow their blog.

But that’s not the right question, even if it’s the problem you’re trying to solve.

The right question is:

“How do I understand my visitors better?”

Food Blogger Pro Hotjar Course

Understanding your visitors is what drives traffic and income for your blog. Once you start to understand your audience then you’ll be able to predict what type of content will do well and know what type of products you should be creating.

Food Blogger Pro Analyzing Heatmaps

Food Blogger Pro Analyzing Recordings

That’s why I’m so excited for this new course on Hotjar. Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool that will help you analyze how people are using your website and get feedback from visitors.

Overview of Hotjar Course Lessons

The best part? It’s a free tool.

I think you’ll really enjoy this course! I had a blast putting it together.

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