It’s official! Food Blogger Pro has a (real) office. Woowoo!

I left our current HQ (the basement) and went over to the new HQ this afternoon to record a virtual tour video for you.

I made sure to point out some of the sweet freebies that were included with the new space. 🙂

We’re excited about this next step for FBP, but before we jump into updating the space I wanted to get your feedback.

Here are some questions for you:

  • What are some ideas you have for making this into an awesome office?
  • What should we be sure to include? 
  • Any examples of offices you’ve been to or seen that you think are especially awesome?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

Time to get my vacuum on!

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  1. I love decorating home/office. I would say get some flowers and/or plants. They bring life to boring dead office. Do not forget to get some desk lamps, it is sometimes better than blasting LED light over the head. Make a tea and/or coffee station. Get colorful office supplies. Bring some painting or art. I think everyone should have their personal touch in their office.
    Congratulations for your new space !!! Yohoo

  2. You could include artwork/ food photography from some of the members and people whose work has greatly improved since becoming part of the community. You could maybe even make it into some kind of a “submit your photo” contest. Just the first idea that popped in my head 🙂 Congrats on the new space!

  3. There are two offices I’ve been to that I distinctly remember having cool features:
    The EA Sports Office which had a ball pit in the middle of the conference table – and yes, after our meeting we hoped in, business suits and all!
    And a social media company in Orlando, which had a white board wall room, and massage chairs for brainstorming.
    Both of those are just cool places to unwind or think. You might not need the ball pit, but a place to regroup is necessary. 🙂

  4. Congratz!!!
    For me an office had usually a very positive effect on my productivity. There’s just something changing in my mindset, when I am working outside the flat.

    I really like big whiteboards to do brainstorming on.

  5. Congrats on the new digs! …your old workspace looks like a surgical theater compared to mine. You’d never catch me posting a pic of my desk ANYWHERE! 😉

  6. Congratulations!!!! I completely LOVE the large windows where it brings in so much natural light! Depending on how many people you will have working for you, and depending on how much privacy you may want or need, I would go with 1/2 walls to keep all that positive light coming in (even during snow storms). I manage a large CPA office on the top floor of a super old building with a very large open space and the space is not cheap! We’ve tried to utilize the space we have without cluttering it. So with project files, we have taken lateral files and backed them up against one another and had a customized top made to go over them as one large workstation where we end up gathering around and chatting over ideas, etc. Kind of like the “kitchen table” if you will.

    Because our building is a historical building – we had local artists come and sketch different versions of their take on different aspects of the building and that has become our artwork. I love the lights that also hang from our ceilings…it’s classy but kind of modern as well. We stayed with light colors but do have enhancement walls painted here and there in sage green and purple. I’m linking a couple of pictures hoping you get the idea. Again, I work for a CPA Firm and I know it’s boring and conservative, but if I had it my way – I’d have an entire wall shellacked with copper pennies!

  7. Hearty Congratulations! There’s room enough for workshops and dance lessons in there! Good luck making it feel like your space, and keep sharing. You folks do good things.

  8. Congrats,
    This is so exciting. Hope this place a fun environment and definetely needs a coffee maker area.. Hehe.. I am new to Blogging and new to your Blog and absolutely LOVE it . I wish I would have discovered you earlier.
    P.S. Love how you have a heart for those less fortunate, my husband is a missionary as well and that hits close to home:)..

  9. I’m so happy for you! I’m also happy to finally “see” Bjork! What a truly kind, helpful man you are…you reveal it in every post. You sure have a blank slate to build up any look you’re going for. Find one inspiration piece (artwork, rug, pillow, lamp) and go from there to choose your décor and colors. Plants (live ones) are always good too! Good luck to you!

  10. Since you blog mostly about food I would recommend putting in a test kitchen! It wouldn’t necessarily have to be full functioning but it would be great for taking pictures, demos, etc! You also need some color in the space, as it looks pretty sterile at the moment. I would also recommend doing something different with the ceiling tiles…they have lots of options for tiles these days, and you can make it feel much less “businessy.” If you ever need any further tips I would be happy to help. If you ever need any tips or tricks for decorating please let me know! I am actually in the process of starting my own design blog, and I love helping others as design is such a passion of mine! Best of luck 🙂

    1. Thanks for the offer Sarah! Yeah – we’ll have to figure out the ceiling tile situation. Do you have any recommendations or sites that show what you’re talking about for ceiling tile alternatives? I’d love to see some examples of what you’re thinking of!

      1. Hi Bjork! Yes, I would be happy to share some examples with you of alternative ceiling tile options. There are some fun ones out there! There is even an option to just do a plain panel which makes your ceiling look like you have crown molding on it, which is very sleek (see pic below).

        If you have any questions or would like any help with anything, just let me know!

        Home Depot has some great options and at a pretty reasonable price:

        The sites below have faux wood, metallics, tin and many other choices:



  11. Congratulations on the sweet new space! This will probably be said a lot, but plants, plants, flowers, plants. Open (light white?) shelving for some interesting wall action texturey thingy. Colourful office supplies and folders for some instant pop of fun and brightness. Beautiful stationery because why else have an office, right? Artwork – food photos, everywhere. Lastly, a sweet coffee machine AND a tea / smoothie prep station because … you don’t even need a reason.

    1. Thanks!

      Yep! Coffee machine is a must. No reason needed. 🙂 I have a little bonsai, but that’s all for plants. I need to up my plant game!

  12. Woah this is so amazing!!! Congrats you guys! I can feel the excitement from your video Bjork, definitely a step up from the basement 😉 and I’m sure there will many more step ups for FBP. Cheers!

  13. Congrats! What a fun next project… You know, you might be able to talk some of your local blogger friends to help transform the space. At the very least, a party to “toast” this chapter!

  14. Great space. Very brave to just walk in and start shooting a video… but you both are pretty transparent like cooking and blogging throughout a kitchen remodel… crazy. Transparency carries a ton of credibility – totally looking forward to seeing how your new space gets transformed! My only suggestion is of course already mentioned coffee machine? Can’t have a good office without coffee – especially since fall is here and theres amazing fall flavors out there. I did like the idea of putting up some food photos to inspire – some of your own personal favorites or art by someone else… congrats 🙂

  15. Big Congratulations and excited for you Bjork! I have been following you for over a year, and have admired all that you and Lindsay have been doing–you two have such good hearts. I really like the spaciousness of your new office, and all those windows to let light in. Recommendations would be to divide the area into “rooms” designating necessary functions,(half-walls or whole walls may not be necessary); plants (fake or real), a large whiteboard for planning/brainstorming, a conference table/lunch table, a coffee/tea/mini-frig area. Continued blessings to you!

  16. Congrats on the wonderful new space. I always suggest going with simple and clean. I’m very big on a modern look and think that you guys will love that feel for an office space with pops of color. You can turn a wall into a dry erase wall with the paint or chalkboard walk. Then make that where you draft ideas or have a calendar. Things like that can make an office pop entirely!

  17. Congratulations! The new office looks fab, and you look really excited, Bjork, to be in it! Looking forward to receiving lots of great articles and hints and tips from that place in the future! Make sure you are getting outside as much as you can, there doesn’t look to be any natural light (I may be wrong) and vitamin C depletion (which you get from natural light) can make you tired. That’s my said my bit anyway 🙂

  18. Awesome space! So happy for you guys!! I used to have a gift shop and we moved into a space with those awful drop down ceiling tiles. We didn’t want to spend a lot, and due to the lighting we knew we couldn’t remove the tiles. So one day we got a can of paint, a roller, and a ladder and just painted over the tiles and the frame with a warm/neutral sandy color. It takes a little patience because you can’t press hard with the roller or it will push the tiles up, but it was worth it because it absolutely TRANSFORMED the space. The white used to draw your eyes upward to those ugly tiles, but painted, they just disappeared!! Of course, had we done this before we moved in I would have used a paint sprayer. But I was able to move the furniture around and paint in sections with the roller. Hope that helps! And hope you have lots of fun moving in!!

      1. You could take each tile and frame piece down and spray paint them. Would be easier than rolling paint over your head.

  19. Congratulations! I have a few (okay, I have a lot, but will share a few) suggestions:

    1) Spend some time reading Sarah Susanka’s work. She is a GENIUS and will help you think through your future uses of the space before you decide what goes where.

    2) Consider accent walls. Not just one — I always think one in a large space looks like a mistake. Check out the yellow and sage walls in the photo. Not that that’s necessarily your style, but it’s a good example of multiple accent colors in one space.

    3) Some open shelving would be beautiful — but consider whether or not you mind dusting everything. We are lazy ’round here.

    4) A chalk wall. Seriously. Lindsay has mentioned how she keeps a list on a chalkboard at home; this would be great in the office, too. Also, if you get bored, you can always doodle…

      1. OMG, that is adorable and terrifying at once.
        (Also, randomly: I did most of my undergrad @ UMM! So cool that your friends are alums)

  20. I can tell you work in a female dominated industry… all this talk of accent walls and coffee machines? I’m thinking a pingpong table is completely necessary as it doubles as a conference table if you ever need one! I am excited to see where you take the space.

    1. Smart minds think alike… 🙂

      I was actually talking to a friend today about “storing” his ping-pong table. He needs a place to keep it, I “need” a ping-pong table for the office.

  21. Two words: disco ball. Hanging from the ceiling. Then, when you want a fun break or to celebrate your successes, play the music, get the ball spinning, and dance your hearts out. At least, that’s what I’d do. 🙂 If dancing’s not your thing, figure out how you’d like to celebrate your milestones and make sure your office can accommodate that (now I’m wearing my organization development hat.)

  22. FBP HQ!!!! Woo hoo!!! High Five from a FBP Fellow! 😉 Maybe one day I can come visit. But only if you’ve vaccumed. And ONLY if you greet me wearing that cool robot arm.

  23. I am SO HAPPY for ya’ll (happiness from the south!). I work in a cube farm and you definitely need someplace to have private phone conversations! I agree with someone else who stated plants and a sweet coffee machine! Of course, you have to have a water cooler – for conversations. 🙂

    1. I hear ya Wendi. The non-profit that I used to work for had an open office layout. It was awesome for connecting with co-workers (who were great!) but terrible for phone calls.

  24. Hi, Bjork! Congrats on your new work space! I hope you will pop over to my blog http://www.providenthomedesign.com to get some inspiration. I have Design 101 posts, lots of budget friendly tips and lots of DIY. You mentioned getting rid of wallpaper, here is a tip you won’t want to miss http://providenthomedesign…. Painting it, getting some window treatments, adding some pattern and interest through fabrics, bringing in some plant life and excellent lighting is a great place to start. Let me know if you’d like any help! :-). Tamara

  25. YAY and a big CONGRATS! That’s awesome that you have a space where you’re not staring at a basement wall 😉 I’d definitely get some artwork on the wall (perhaps some of Lindsays photos?) and of course a fresh coat of paint always makes things shine 🙂

  26. Congratulations! – Now the fun starts – Shopping! – regarding your request –
    “Any examples of offices you’ve been to or seen that you think are especially awesome?”

    Hard to provide decorating suggestions without knowing your personal style, taste and so on – but here are some links to shared work space communities that have some cool ideas and ‘looks’ – they may not be to your taste – but they may trigger ideas for layouts etc –

    The first is based in the Miami FL area –

    the next link is from an article on 5 best co-working spaces in Los Angeles

    as for decor – obviously depends again on taste and budget –
    Houzz has some great design concepts

    and – sherwin williams has some cool color selection tools

    good luck – have fun – and keep us posted on the evolution – maybe a time lapse sequence ??

  27. Congratulations!!!! We are all so excited for your success! That is going to be an awesome HQ! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I would recommend some white boards to turn into calendars, pretty pictures, a kitchen and definitely a coffee maker and smoothie blender. 🙂 Good luck and we are all looking forward to your success!

  28. Awesome! Congratulations! I love light, plants and if It was my office a little work out area! Thrilled for you both! Best of luck in the new digs!

  29. Happy for your success … I admire you guys greatly. But I just can’t imagine why you’d want to move out of your basement office! ;-D

    I’ve spent over 30 years doing everything I could to avoid commuting, starting when I was a full-time lawyer in 1983. It got easier when I left my firm and more so when I rebooted into a social media career. When we needed more office space, the answer was always take over more of the house — or get a bigger house.

    So all that colors my advice about office design: make sure you have furniture, colors, and space that’s comfortable for short-burst concentration, for quiet time thinking, and for movement and exercise.

  30. WOW! Okay, so the office isn’t out of a magazine status…yet. But I trust that it will soon reflect the innovation and inspiration that you and Lindsay consistently share with the world! Congrats!

    As far as recommendations are concerned, that is SO subjective. Everyone works best in different environments – despite what some may say is “the best” way to set up your office. In my short stint in Interior Design School, one of the major takeaways I had was to “stay in the client’s design lane” – meaning whatever is true and authentic to each client is what is best for them. So, go with your gut!

    That basement may have not been the most EPIC of offices, but it got you here. So, I guess whatever you think is gonna take you to the next level – put that in your office! Haha.

    Thanks for always sharing the “behind the scenes!”

    🙂 Anna

    1. Thanks Anna. So true. It’s hard to remember to stay true to what works for you, especially when there are so many options and examples (darn you Pinterest!).

  31. Congratulations! That is a great space and I’m sure you will make it up all nice in no time. I like the idea of a chalk wall that someone mentioned in the comments but you could also have portions of the wall that were dry/erase board or even magnet paint. These make it great for brainstorming and being able to physically move ideas around on the wall. Also, in my office at work we have glass panels separating different areas. We use these as dry erase boards as well but since they are see-through they don’t make the space feel any smaller.

    Also, sometimes it’s nice to have an area to work that isn’t just a desk and chair. So perhaps comfy cushions or bean bags or something around a coffee table might be nice for meetings or reading or sitting with a laptop just for a change of pace from the desk.

    Enjoy your new space. You guys are rockin’ it!

    1. Thanks Taylor. Love the glass wall idea.

      Love the idea of the alternative work area: I’ve thought about creating some type of “analog area” that wouldn’t be tied into tech stuff at all.

  32. So happy for you both. Your work is great. Wish you the very best. One idea is to make the space vibrant and cheerful to keep you engaged in the long hours of work!

  33. Congrats on the new office space! It looks great! An awesome office includes free flowing Caribou Coffee! Do whatever it takes to make it yours – put Cambridge-Isanti memorabilia up. Hang pictures of your family and old Timberwolves ticket stubs on the walls. Have a bell or a noise making device to ring every time you get a ‘win’ in your day.

  34. Congratulations! Someday I will have an office, too. Right now, I work on my couch and my coffee table is my desk. It’s difficult when my 2 year old and 4 year old think the coffee table is also their play area!

  35. This is adorable! And very exciting! Congrats!
    I think most people will say to put up art work on the walls. And that’s nice, but make sure to put up stuff to inspire you.
    It looks like you guys have enough space to host workshops in the future. I hope that’s on the agenda! 🙂

  36. – A pallet wall would be awesome: http://www.cape27blog.com/2…
    (We used a combination of pallets and the clearance wood at Home Depot)
    – Print some inspirational quotes on card stock and frame them
    – Put up a wall map with pins of where all the FBP members are from?
    – If not a chalkboard/wall you could use something like this: http://design-milk.com/wall…

    – A wall full of bookshelves stuffed with cookbooks!

  37. If you’re looking for office inspiration, this is a great site https://officesnapshots.com/. I’ve not read every comment, so apologies if it was mentioned already. Beyond that, if you’ve got space, an 8 ball or foosball table are always nice additions to an office space to blow off a bit of steam.

  38. Hahaha Awesome! I love it! Well, I DEFINITELY think you should have photos of food on the wall from Pinch of Yum 🙂 Maybe you could have a blogger of the month section (I am not sure if people come in to your office or not. If not, that might not be a great idea). Definitely a rug and some cool modern furniture. Storage, food props, cool lighting, etc. Photo corner for sure 🙂