Course Updates – March

What’s the one thing that’s constant with technology? Change. 🙂

Below are the Food Blogger Pro videos that have recently been updated.

Course: Akismet

Akismet is a comment spam prevention plugin from (reminder: is the for-profit branch of WordPress).

Update: When signing up for Akismet you now need to use a username to login. is starting to require this for many of their products and plugins. We added a note to this video to notify viewers that the sign up process will first ask them for their username before asking for additional information. Even if you use a self-hosted blog you’ll still need to create a username.

Lesson: 5. Direct email to Google Apps in Setting up Google Apps

Google Apps allows you to have a personalized email address within the Gmail infastruction (example: [email protected]). In the past, Google offered a free plan. However, they recently switched to a paid only service. It’s a bummer, but it’s still worth the cost.

Update: After Google Apps switched to a paid only service Bluehost removed their “Google Apps Setup Wizard,” so we updated this lesson to show users how to setup Google Apps manually by entering in Google’s MX records into their Bluehost account.

Lesson: 15B. Making the Change Update in Google Analytics

In the 15A. Making the Change lesson we added two links to the bottom of the post to see if that improved the bounce rate.

Update: We recorded a new lesson to take a look at the before and after percentages of the bounce rate and found that the links at the end of the post didn’t improve the bounce rate. In the new lesson we make some different changes. We will check back in a couple months to see how those changes impact the bounce rate. The experimenting continues!

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