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by Alexa on Jun 29, 2018 in Trending Now

Find out what trending in food blogging in the month of July - desserts, smoothies, food holidays, and more!

It's SUMMER! The season of sunshine and fresh foods and beaches and sand between our toes.

It's also the time of year for some exciting (and delicious) trending searches in food blogging! (You knew I had to go there, right? wink ).

If you're looking for ideas for summer-inspired content, look no further. Here's what's trending in July!

Try Something New

Remember how we talked about The Summer Slump last month? Summer is the perfect time to try publishing new content and see how it performs with your audience and on social media.

A great thing to try: video. If you haven't tried your hand at this popular content-sharing platform yet, summer would be a great time to start. Not only did Instagram recently launch it's new video-sharing platform, IGTV, a few weeks ago, but it's also a way to refresh some of your older content and keep it relevant.

If you don't know where to start, don't worry. We've got your back. Check out this article about the gear you'll need to create awesome food videos, and see what you can do.

Upcoming Holidays

If you're not new to the food blogging game, you'll know there are always food-related holidays to look out for. In a time like the summer where there aren't that many well-known holidays to prepare for, it might be fun to pick out a few of these food holidays for which you can create recipes. One of my favorite resources to stay current on all of these crazy holidays is Foodimentary. Did you know that July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day or that July 11 honors one of my favorite summer drinks, mojitos, on National Mojito Day? Yeah, I didn't either. That's why a site like Foodimentary is a great resource for food bloggers to stay current with these fun holidays.

I'm a chronic procrastinator when it comes to planning recipes for my blog, so keeping an eye on upcoming holidays or times of the year is key for me. While the searches for the 4th of July are an obvious focal point, searches for other less-common times of the year start to increase. For instance in July, some people are already starting to look for back-to-school lunch and snack recipes, as well as "Christmas in July" ideas.

Summer Sweet Treats

Along with all of those healthy recipes, people's interest in sweets peak during the month of July. If you're surprised by this like I was, I have just one word for you: S'mores. In fact, there's a huge spike in searches for "s'mores" this month.

Another popular July search term? Ice cream, and lots of it. Interest in ice cream peaks in July, so be sure to promote your frozen sweet treats this month! Perhaps a nice fruit-filled sorbet or a...wait for it...S'mores-flavored ice cream (!!!) will make your readers (and taste-testers) happy this season.


Unsurprisingly, searches for fruit spike in July. Tis the season, right?!

Admittedly, "fruit" is a vague search term. One of my very favorite things about Google Trends though is checking out the top related queries for a search. If we look at those for "fruit," this is what we see:

Fruit flies, fruit salad, dragon fruit, and passion fruit would all be helpful areas of focus this time of year. What about posting some tips on removing those annoying fruit flies from your home? Or a dragonfruit and passionfruit fruit salad! These related topics will give those vague trending topics some context, and help you produce helpful, valuable content for your readers.

Go forth and do July proud, friends. What do you think you’ll be focusing on in the month of July?

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