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by Alexa on Jun 29, 2017 in Trending Now

Find out what trending in food blogging in the month of July - desserts, smoothies, food holidays, and more!

Exciting news, friends! It’s the one year anniversary of these “Trending Now in Food Blogging” articles!

I’ve loved writing these articles over the past year. I’ve learned a lot about trending searches and, more importantly, how important it is to keep up on all of the trending searches within the food arena so that we can give our readers what they’re interested in and ultimately get our recipes seen.

I gave last July’s Trending Now article a little bit of a facelift to include some 2017-specific trends, and I hope it’s helpful for you. smile

Here's what's trending in July!

Upcoming Holidays

If you're not new to the food blogging game, you'll know there are always food-related holidays to look out for. In a time like the summer where there aren't that many well-known holidays to prepare for, it might be fun to pick out a few of these food holidays for which you can create recipes. One of my favorite resources to stay current on all of these crazy holidays is Foodimentary. Did you know that July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day or that July 11 honors one of my favorite summer drinks, mojitos, on National Mojito Day? Yeah, I didn't either. That's why a site like Foodimentary is a great resource for food bloggers to stay current with these fun holidays.

I'm a chronic procrastinator when it comes to planning recipes for my blog, so keeping an eye on upcoming holidays or times of the year is key for me. While the searches for the 4th of July are an obvious focal point, searches for other less-common times of the year start to increase. For instance in July, people are already starting to look for back-to-school lunch and snack recipes, as well as "Christmas in July" ideas.


On the other side of the spectrum, searches for “pizza” are in an uptick this month. Surprised? I was too. Kind of a random food to be trending in the height of summer, no?

Find out what trending in food blogging in the month of July - desserts, smoothies, food holidays, and more!

Then it clicked: summer is, arguably, the busiest time of the year for most families. Between picnics, cookouts, vacation, kid’s sports, etc., families are running around all season. They’ll be looking for quick and easy meal ideas, and in the US, it doesn’t get much quicker or easier (or, ahem, more delicious) than pizza.

Try coming up with fun and creative pizza flavor ideas for all ages! Better yet, come up with easy ways families can “doctor up” order-out pizza. Oh, the pizza-bilities!

…sorry, that was bad.

On-the-Go Snacks

It's no wonder that searches for on-the-go snacks spike in July, aka. the height of summer! Everyone's running around making the best of the beautiful weather, so snacks that are easy to prepare, simple to store, and delicious to eat are a necessity.

Topping the list, unsurprisingly, is smoothies! These fruit- and veggie-filled drinks are a great way to not only get an abundance of nutrients into one's diet, but they're also making great use of the beautiful and fresh produce summer has to offer. Along those same lines, searches for "veggies," "vegan," and "healthy recipes" are also popular during the month of July, so combining two or more of these search terms could yield favorable results.

Summer Sweet Treats

Along with all of those healthy recipes, people's interest in sweets peak during the month of July. If you're surpised by this like I was, I have just one word for you: S'mores. Everyone wants some more S'mores this season. In fact, there's a huge spike in searches for "graham" this month, which is one of the key ingredients to this summer favorite.

Another popular July search term? Ice cream, and lots of it. Interest in ice cream peaks in July, so be sure to promote your frozen sweet treats this month! Perhaps a nice fruit-filled sorbet or a...wait for it...S'mores-flavored ice cream (!!!) will make your readers (and taste-testers) happy this season.

AHA and Coconut Oil

You might have heard of the recent American Heart Association’s report that covered dietary fats and cardiovascular disease. In the report, they sited studies that show that coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol, and they even go on to state that they “advise against the use of coconut oil.” As a result, searches for “coconut oil” are trending this month.

If your blog is nutrition-focused, perhaps you could weigh in on this popular debate: is coconut oil “healthy”? I’m personally very interested in this topic, and it seems I’m not alone as coconut oil searches are the highest they’ve been all year:

Find out what trending in food blogging in the month of July - desserts, smoothies, food holidays, and more!

Go forth and do July proud, friends. What do you think you’ll be focusing on in the month of July?

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