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by Alexa on Oct 12, 2017 in New Courses

Learn how to record and edit a podcast in this new Food Blogger Pro course!

Why I’m excited today:

  1. It’s almost Friday
  2. It’s new course day!

That’s right! There’s a brand new course hot off the presses on Food Blogger Pro, and we think you’re really going to love it.

But first, a riddle.

What do microphones, pop filters, editing software, interview guests, and scheduling apps all have in common?

They’re all essential to the podcast making process! And that’s exactly what our new course is about: recording and editing a podcast.

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast has been a great way to reach our audience, connect with leaders in the food blogging and entrepreneurship space, and build a following, so we’re really excited to show you exactly how we produce the podcast every week.

Learn how to record and edit a podcast in this new Food Blogger Pro course!

This course is made up of two parts. First, Bjork geeks out over the gear he uses to record the podcast episodes you hear every Tuesday. He talks about his microphone and sound set-up, the way he schedules interviews, and the software he uses to record. After that, yours truly fangirls over the editing and publishing process.

Producing the FBP Podcast is a highlight of my week every week, so I know you’ll learn to love the process.

The new Recording and Editing a Podcast course covers:

  • The tools you’ll need
  • The software we use
  • How to add music for transitions
  • Where you can host your podcast
  • How to generate transcripts
  • And more!

This is another one of our mini courses, where we “quick dive” into a topic that we’re getting a lot of questions about. The course is about a half hour long, and at the end you’ll be a podcastin’ pro. smile

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