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by Alexa on Jan 11, 2018 in New Courses

Learn how to reach Inbox Zero in our new mini course!

It’s the first new course of 2018, and everyone here at FBP HQ is super excited about it!

Is one of your new year goals about organization and productivity? Maybe your goal is to tackle an editorial calendar, or perhaps it’s to keep all of your invoices organized in a new way.

Or maybe it’s to reach the holy grail of email organization: Inbox Zero.

If you’re up on all of the latest organization trends, chances are you’ve heard of Inbox Zero; it’s when you clear your email inbox once or twice a day. We all get so many emails during the day like blog comment notifications, feature requests, news, social media messages, and it’s important to organize all of these emails so that we stay on top of crucial information.

So if you’ve been letting your messages go unopened for days or weeks (or, no judgement, months), you’ll be happy to know our newest course is a mini course all about reaching Inbox Zero!

Learn how to reach Inbox Zero in our new mini course!

In this course, FBP team member Raquel takes you through the ins and outs of inbox maintenance and the tools you can use to clear your inbox every day. You’ll learn:

  • How to bundle similar emails
  • How to set reminders
  • How to clear emails you’ve already addressed
  • The third-party tools that make inbox maintenance a breeze
  • And more!

We hope you love this course, friends. Enjoy!

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