How to Keep your Gmail Inbox Neat Using Boomerang


by Bjork on Nov 05, 2014 in Keep it Neat

This blog post is part of a new series we’re doing on Food Blogger Pro called Keep it Neat. The series will cover simple tips to help you keep your blogging life neat and tidy.

How to Keep your Gmail Inbox Neat Using Boomerang |

Easier said than done, eh? smile

Today I’m sharing a tip for keeping your Gmail inbox neat.

My personal goal is to "do email" once a day. When I login to my email account I try and work all the way through my inbox until it’s completely empty.

This process works great until I find an email that I can’t respond to. Maybe I don’t have the information I need, maybe I don’t have enough time, or maybe it would make more sent to respond to someone a little bit later on in the week.

Regardless of the reason, an email that’s left in the inbox results in a disappointing scenario: an almost empty inbox. I’m not sure about you, but I hate that feeling.

Okay, you’re right…hate is a strong word. Let’s go with “really, really dislike that feeling.”

I also find that sometimes I check that same email multiple times if it just sits in my inbox, resulting in wasted time and brain power.

So what’s the solution?


After doing some research I found the best way to deal with the issue was to use a Gmail app called Boomerang.

There are lots of different ways to use Boomerang, but the feature I use the most is the reminders feature.

Check out this video to see how I use the app:

My (new and improved) email workflow

  1. Open email once a day.
  2. Unsubscribe from unnecessary marketing emails.
  3. Archive emails that do not need to be read.
  4. Forward messages that need to be sent on.
  5. Respond to short emails and customer support inquires.
  6. Respond to longer emails (if there’s time).
  7. Boomerang emails that I can’t respond to yet.
  8. Do a happy dance once my inbox is empty.

Boomerang works for regular Gmail accounts as well as branded Google Apps accounts. If you’re a Food Blogger Pro member be sure to check out the Google Apps course to learn how you can set up a custom branded email address that uses Gmail.

If you're not a Food Blogger Pro member you should be. smile You can learn more by visiting the home page.

How about you?

What’s your email workflow? Are you able to respond to emails once a day? Do you try and get to “inbox zero”?

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