082: How a 4th Grade Teacher Built a $20k/mo Blog with Andrew from Mixergy


by Raquel on Jan 24, 2017 in Podcast

Why they pushed forward after initial non-success, how she rose above negative comments, and why being vulnerable draws people in.

Welcome to episode 82 of the Food Blogger Pro podcast! This week, we’re playing an episode from the Mixergy podcast with Andrew Warner.

In this episode, Andrew chats with Lindsay about Pinch of Yum’s history and where they are today. Andrew takes the time to dig deep and ask some really interesting questions that wouldn’t normally get asked, and Lindsay’s answers might just help you understand what’s going on with your blog a bit better.

In this episode, Lindsay shares:

  • What her big motivating factor was in the early days
  • Whether they thought about money when starting
  • How many photos she will take for a single post
  • Why they kept going with the monetization after not making much money initially
  • How living in the Philippines changed the blog
  • How she found out that she was “expert enough” to write Tasty Food Photography
  • Why she got negative comments and why they got her down
  • What helped her keep going despite negative people online
  • How she gets featured on Buzzfeed so often
  • Why being vulerable draws people in

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