Ad Network Tracking Tool – Built by the FBP Community

In the most recent Traffic and Income Report on Pinch of Yum I shared how Kiersten Frase’s eBook, How to Monetize Your Food Blog (affiliate link), made me realize that we could be doing a much better job of creating income from the ads we’re running on Pinch of Yum.

It made me realize that I need to change our advertising mindset (on Pinch of Yum) from “set it and forget it” to “always be testing it.”

This realization inspired me to create a spreadsheet to track our advertising numbers, because it’s tough to test something unless you have easy to understand data to test it against.

Why am I posting about this on the Food Blogger Pro blog?

Because I’d like to invite the FBP community to join me in the process. I’ll be using this blog post to keep track of an Excel spreadsheet that we will develop together over time.

Here’s what I’m asking from you: Let me know (in the comments below) what you think an ad network tracking spreadsheet should include.

Here’s what I’ll give in return: I’ll pay for an Excel professional to develop the spreadsheet as we continue to think of ways to improve it.

I’ll be putting a link below to download the spreadsheet and we’ll keep track of the different versions as it develops and improves over time.


The versions are listed below.

Version 1

It’s really basic, but we have to start somewhere. 🙂

Download Version 1

07/06/14: Version 2

Version 2 is out!

We’re really excited about this new version of the ad network tracker tool. Below you’ll find a video that explains how to use it along with the download button. Be sure to leave a comment if you have ideas for ways that it could be improved.

Download Version 2

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  1. It would be nice to include differentiation between text and display ads. I know with adsense you can choose which type (or both) to display. The text ads look ugly but I enabled both in the hopes it would raise her CPM. If it doesn’t, I would prefer to get rid of text ads.

    It would be interesting to me to see CPM based on day of the week and also time of day. At the end of the month you could see what day of the week performed the best and also what time of day generally performed the best.

    I’ve noticed on Abby’s blog that people seem to be clicking on her adsense ads late at night. Like after 10pm.

    Not to throw in too much stuff in here, but I wonder if there’s a way to track CPM for new traffic versus return traffic.

    I think this is going to be a neat project Bjork!

    1. Good stuff Donnie.

      Yeah, the day by day breakdown could be pretty cool. It would require a lot of data entry but for someone that’s committed it might be worth it.

      The type of ad (text vs. text and display) would also be helpful to see.

      Thanks for the feedback and insight.

  2. I noticed text vs image ads were compared, but could you go one further and separate the image ads via static / animated?

    1. Do you know of any ad companies that reveal this information? I can’t think of any that we work with, but there might be some out there…

  3. Hi Bjork, do you use, or have you considered using Google DFP to get your different ad networks competing against each other on a real time basis? I’m trying to figure this out, and I’m quite sure it’s possible, but it’s complicated.

  4. ooooooh… as a fellow accountant and excel lover, this is right up my alley! I will probably add a total amount earned column to mine, and continue adding tabs per month or quarter.
    Awesome stuff you guys!